Amazing Instructors

Instructors enjoy to share their love of skating and teaching and seeing the development and confidence grow with the skaters.

Learn to Skate

In a matter of time you will see progress and the love of skating shine through!

Life Long Skills

From falling to skating – stay active and be part of the community!

Happy Families

We regularly host free skating events for our students and their family – Join our Sports Concept family and come join the fun!



Session 5 will start March 31st (Thursday's) at Mainway Arena and then switch to Mountainside Arena for the remaining weeks


Session 6 will start July 5th (Tuesday's)



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We Offer Skating Classes For All Skill Levels And Ages


PreSchool Skate

Developing proper posture, pushing, gliding, stopping, turning, jumping and spinning through creative movement and play. Class ratio less than 1:6.  Class Codes do not represent levels.

No experience necessary. Progress through 4 levels. Must be 4 years of age. No parents are required on the ice. Skates, hockey helmets with face masks, water proof pants and mittens required.

PSH1Thu5:30pm-6:00pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
PSH2Thu6:00pm-6:30pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
PSH3Thu6:30pm-7:00pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
PSH4Thu7:15pm-7:45pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
PSF5Fri5:00pm-5:30pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
PSF6Fri5:30pm-6:00pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
PSF7Fri6:00pm-6:30pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
PSS12Sat1:10pm-1:40pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
PSS9Sat1:40pm-2:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
PSS10Sat12:10pm-12:40pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
PSS11Sat12:40pm-1:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
PSS13Sat11:40am-12:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
PSH14Thu5:30pm-6:00pm$139Mainway ArenaFULLNANA
PSH15Thu6:00pm-6:30pm$139Mainway ArenaYesNANA
PSH16Thu6:30pm-7:00pm$139Mainway ArenaYesNANA
PSH17Thu7:15pm-7:45pm$139Mainway ArenaYesNANA
PST18Tues6:00pm-6:30pm$139Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 1NAYesNA
PST19Tues6:30pm-7:00pm$139Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 1NAYesNA


Learn to Skate

Learn the skills for becoming a recreational hockey player or figure skater, Development of forwards, backwards, stopping, turns, edges, crosscuts and jumping. Class ratio less than 1:8. Progress through 6 levels.

Must be 5 years of age and can stand independently on the ice. Skates, hockey helmets and mittens required.

LSH1-BGN-INTThu5:30pm-6:05pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LSH2-INT-ADV-FSThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LSH3-ALLThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LSH4-ADULT-TEENThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LSF5Fri5:00pm-5:45pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
LSF6Fri5:45pm-6:30pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
LSF7Fri6:35pm-7:20pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
LSS8Sat1:00pm-1:45pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LSS9Sat11:30am-12:15pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LSS10Sat12:15pm-1:00pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LSH11-BGN-INTThu5.30pm-6:15pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLNANA
LSH12-INT-ADV-FThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLNANA
LSH13-ALLThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesNANA
LST14Tues6:00pm-6:45pm$179Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 1NAYesNA


Learn to Play Hockey

35 minutes of instructional skating and drills with equipment and sticks, followed by 10 minutes of an informal game. A perfect program for the novice hockey player or skater who has never before played hockey.

Class will be divided into different groups based on ability.

Private or Semi-Private lessons are also available. Please email to make arrangements.

Must be able to skate forward and backwards independently. 

LHH1-5YR-7YRThu5:30pm-6:05pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LHH2-8YR-10YRThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LHH3-ADVThu7:10pm-7:55pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LHH4-ADULTSThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaNANANA
LHS5Sat11:30am-12:15pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LHS6Sat12:15pm-1:00pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LHH7-5YR-7YRThu5:30pm-6:15pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLNANA
LHH8-8YR-10YRThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLNANA
LHH9-ADULT-TEENThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesNANA
LHT10Tues6:15pm-7:00pm$179Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 1NAYesNA
LHH11-7to12yrsThu5:30pm-6:30pm$199Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 3NANAYes
LHH12-10to12yrsThu6:30pm-7:30pm$199Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 3NAYesYes
LHH13-13yrsUpThu7:30pm-8:30pm$199Appleby Ice Centre - Rink 3NANANA


Learn to Figure Skate

lntroduction to figure skating. Continuation of Learn to Skate, with an emphasis on development of jumping, spinning and turning. 

Must be level 4 or higher.

LFF2-INTROFri6:35pm-7:20pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreNANANA
LFS2Sat1:10pm-1:50pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNANANA
LFH3Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesNANA


Adult Skate

Enhance your skating skills, what ever your level is. For beginners who have never skated before to advanced groups. A great social and fitness program all in one.

ASH1Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
ASH2Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesNANA


Private & Family Lessons

Enhance your skating skills, what ever your level is. For beginners who have never skated before to advanced groups. A great social and fitness program all in one.

ASH1Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$139Mainway ArenaNANANA
ASH2Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesNANA

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Sports Concept parents have to say:

I wanted to say that I'm very impressed with your program and the progress my kids have made. Especially my youngest Ethan. He gets very overwhelmed and anxious trying new things and he was very hesitant with skating.

It was so nice to see him enjoying himself and gaining some confidence the past few sessions.

You offer a positive nurturing environment and he has finally adjusted and doesn't complain about skating anymore.

Thanks so much,

Last week, my 3 year old daughter could not make it off the practice mat without falling down.

Today, I watched as she tried again and glided over to the teachers outstretched hands with success. It will be one of those growing moments I will never forget as a parent.

Thank you so much,

We can not say enough about our experience with Tracey, Coach Steph and her team.

Both of our boys were taught to skate by them at a very young age. The team was very encouraging and supportive and made the learning process fun. They instilled a love for hockey in both our boys who now play house league and rep.

They will always be a wonderful memory our our boys early skating years, you guys are the best!

The Brooks

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