Developing proper posture, pushing, gliding, stopping, turning, jumping and spinning through creative movement and play. Class ratio less than 1:6.  Class Codes do not represent levels.

No experience necessary. Progress through 4 levels. Must be 4 years of age. No parents are required on the ice. Skates, hockey helmets with face masks, water proof pants and mittens required.

PSH1Thu5:30pm-6:00pm$139Mainway ArenaFULLYes
PSH2Thu6:00pm-6:30pm$139Mainway ArenaFULLYes
PSH3Thu6:30pm-7:00pm$139Mainway ArenaFULLYes
PSH4Thu7:15pm-7:45pm$139Mainway ArenaFULLYes
PSF5Fri5:00pm-5:30pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
PSF6Fri5:30pm-6:00pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
PSF7Fri6:00pm-6:30pm$139Mountainside Recreation CentreFULLYes
PSS12Sat1:10pm-1:40pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes
PSS9Sat1:40pm-2:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNAFULL
PSS10Sat12:10pm-12:40pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes
PSS11Sat12:40pm-1:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes
PSS13Sat11:40am-12:10pm$139Nelson Recreation CentreNAYes


Learn to Skate

Learn the skills for becoming a recreational hockey player or figure skater, Development of forwards, backwards, stopping, turns, edges, crosscuts and jumping. Class ratio less than 1:8. Progress through 6 levels.

Must be 5 years of age and can stand independently on the ice. Skates, hockey helmets and mittens required.

LSH1-BGN-INTThu5:30pm-6:05pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLYes
LSH2-INT-ADV-FSThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLYes
LSH3-ALLThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLYes
LSH4-ADULT-TEENThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesYes
LSF5Fri5:00pm-5:45pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
LSF6Fri5:45pm-6:30pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
LSF7Fri6:35pm-7:20pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
LSS8Sat1:00pm-1:45pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes
LSS9Sat11:30am-12:15pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreNAYes
LSS10Sat12:15pm-1:00pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes


Learn to Play Hockey

35 minutes of instructional skating and drills with equipment and sticks, followed by 10 minutes of an informal game. A perfect program for the novice hockey player or skater who has never before played hockey.

Class will be divided into different groups based on ability.

Private or Semi-Private lessons are also available. Please email to make arrangements.

Must be able to skate forward and backwards independently. 

LHH1-5YR-7YRThu5:30pm-6:05pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLYes
LHH2-8YR-10YRThu6:15pm-7:00pm$179Mainway ArenaFULLYes
LHH3-ADVThu7:10pm-7:55pm$179Mainway ArenaNAYes
LHH4-ADULTSThu7:15pm-8:00pm$179Mainway ArenaYesYes
LHS5Sat11:30am-12:15pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes
LHS6Sat12:15pm-1:00pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreFULLYes


Learn to Figure Skate

lntroduction to figure skating. Continuation of Learn to Skate, with an emphasis on development of jumping, spinning and turning. 

Must be level 4 or higher.

LFF2-INTROFri6:35pm-7:20pm$179Mountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
LFS2Sat1:10pm-1:50pm$179Nelson Recreation CentreYesYes


Adult Skate

Enhance your skating skills, what ever your level is. For beginners who have never skated before to advanced groups. A great social and fitness program all in one.

ASH1Thu7:15pm-8:00pm$139Mainway ArenaYesYes


Private & Family Lessons

Learn to skate as a family or privately. Enhance your skating skills, what ever your level is. For beginners who have never skated before to advanced groups. A great social and fitness program all in one. Private lessons cost is dependent on how many sign up for a class. 

PLH1Thu7:20pm-7:50pmVariesMainway ArenaFULLYes
PLF2Fri7:20pm-7:50pmVariesMountainside Recreation CentreYesYes
PLH3Thu7:15pm-7:45pmVariesMainway ArenaFULLYes
PLS4Sat1:15pm-1:45pmVariesNelson Recreation CentreNAYes
PLS5Sat1:20pm-1:50pmVariesNelson Recreation CentreYesYes
PLF6Fri6:30-7:00VariesMountainside Recreation CentreNAYes